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    1. Mining Dump Truck
      The dump truck, which is also called tipper, is a kind of extensively used construction machinery. It is used for carrying sand, gravel, stone or dirt from one place to another. They are widely used in construction and engineering conditions, such as national defense, aviation, postal service, railways construction, highways, harbors, earthmoving projects and so on. ...
    1. Water Truck
      The mining water truck is used to transport water in mining site. This off-Highway truck is equipped with sprinkle in front or rear, water cannon, as well as CLW pump fire valve, water valve, and filter gauze. This mining water truck can also be used as medicine car by adding the powder charge, pneumatic valve, spraying medicine apparatus. It features in the reliable, durable, dependable. What more, rugged construction and easy maintenance ...
    1. Fuel Tanker
      The fuel tanker truck is special engineering machinery that used to storage and transfer of dangerous goods from 4000 litres up to 10,000 litres. A diesel fuel tanker is always fitted with a demountable system, so that when the transportation duty of the special good is finished, the use and versatility of your standard tabletop truck is retained.
      At present, we mainly supply fuel tanker truck with rated power of 120PH~210PH, tank capacity ...
    1. Truck Tractor
      The semi-trailer truck is also called truck tractor. In the UK, It is also widely named as articulated truck or articulated lorry. This kind of engineering vehicle use towing engine and a additional semi-trailer to carries or transports heavy good like container, cars, stones, etc. This machine requires both distinct tractor and semi-trailer that must be design from a rigid truck and trailer. ...


Our truck, some time we call it lorry, is a kind of engineering machinery used to transport cargo, containers and other heavy goods. We can supply all kinds of trucks that is various sizes, with powerful engine, and configuration of modernization, no matter they are mechanical or automatic ones to meet your needs. It can also use fire trucks, concrete mixers, and suction excavators, and be equipped with gasoline or diesel engine for special purposes. We can classify them as dump trucks, tractor trucks, cross-country trucks, and special trucks (fire fighting trucks, ambulances, oil tank trucks, and tow trucks), etc, according to the application.

Shanghai Longji Construction Machinery Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of trucks in China. We supply all kind of construction and engineering equipments like wheel loader, road rollers, crawler excavator, semi-trailer truck, water truck (water carts), dump truck, concrete mixer plants, truck cranes, crawler crane, pavers and other products. As a One-Stop service supplier, Shanghai Longji is committed to offering high quality, reliable products and service on time, on delivery and on budget, so that to keep your project running smoothly and on schedule. We assemble our quality components according to the ISO quality management system, and all our products are all manufactured in strict accordance with ISO14001 environmental management standard. As the matter those advantages, our products are widely exported to Russia, Brazil, Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Kenya, and Tanzania and gain high reputation among our customers. We offer OEM service upon request. If you need, PLS don't hesitate to contacts us.