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Asphalt Melting Equipment


Description of Asphalt Melting Equipment:
Asphalt melting equipment is a kind of construction machinery and engineering machine that is used for decanting asphalt out of drums and heating up asphalt. It make fully use of hot gas of burner to make asphalt coming out of drums, and use the hot oil heating coils to indirectly heat up asphalt, which can prevent asphalt from aging during heating.
Features of Asphalt Melting Equipment:
Environment protecting:
The machine is closed-construction and no pollution.
Energy Saving:
It make fully use of hot gas (320-450℃) of Burner to melt and make asphalt coming out of drums (it is about150℃ while waste gas was let off to air). The closed-construction saves 50% energy sources compared with the exposed one.
Having the function of automatically removing residue with a residue filter.
Perfect applicability:
It can be applicable to many types of drums. It doesn't influence operation even if the drum is out of shape.
It uses asphalt pump with vast displacement to realize inner-cycle and sub-atmospheric dehydration of asphalt.
High reliability:
The equipments introduce automatically control system and international-brand auto-ignite burner.
Easy to assemble and disassemble.
Typical one:

Specification of LGAM80 Asphalt Melting Equipment

Main specification
Productivity (t/h) 8-10
Asphalt Temp.(℃) 120-160
Number of Drums per Batch 44
Thermal Capacity of Oil Heater(kcal/h) 60×104
Thermal Oil Temp. (℃) 200-240
Total Power (kW) 38
Total Weight (t) 28
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) (m) 12×2.4×2.5
Main Body
The Main Body is divided into two rooms by the Trolley up and down. The "up room” is applied to heat up asphalt drums with hot gas of diesel-oil burner and make asphalt coming out of drums. The "down room”, we call "asphalt pool”, is applied to heat up asphalt with hot-oil coil pipes. There're lots of heating coil pipes in "down room”. (Working procedures: First we need to make a hole on the lid of asphalt drums or remove the lid; then reverse and put the drums on the trolley, and then the trolley will be mechanically pushed into "up room”; finally shut the door.)
Hot Oil Heater
It is applied to heat up and provide hot oil for all hot-oil coil pipes, meantime it provides hot gas for "up room”.
Asphalt Pump
It is applied to circulate asphalt in "down room”, so as to increase heating efficiency, and finally pump out the hot asphalt into storage tank or asphalt transporting truck.
Residue Filter
It is applied to filtering residue in the asphalt during the process of circulating asphalt.

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