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Earthmoving Machine

Description of earthmoving machine:
Our earth moving equipment is a kind of commonly used construction machinery and engineering machinery including bulldozers, loaders, diggers and graders and so on. We used this equipment to excavate, scoop up, or level off all kinds of good in the construction site, such as soils, sandstones, garbage etc. It is widely used in the construction of roads, airports, mines, ports, water conservancy, farmlands, and more.
There are all kinds of earth moving machines we can supply in our company, such as bulldozer, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, crawler excavators, wheel excavators, wheel diggers, motor graders. This machine can be equipped into wheeled and crawler ones, depending on the construction site it is required. And it is generally make up of power plant (diesel engine), transmission device, travel mechanism and working device.
Features summarized:
Wheel Loaders:
The loaders also called front end loader or bucket loader, is a kind of most commonly used construction equipment or machine in the construction site. We can offer all kind of wheel loaders from 33KW to 179KW, with load capacities range from one ton to six ton according to your needs. And the sophisticate design of the cap has luxurious interior decoration design and ergonomic mechanical damping suspension seat design which can offer the drivers a comfortable environment.
Motor Grader:
The motor grade is of self-propelled articulated, which is suitable for large-scale land leveling in foundation constructions. It widely used in construction work such as ditching, grading, slope scraping-bulldozing, ripping, virgin land scarifying and snow-removing etc. It is a modernized construction equipment of multi-functions and high-efficiency using in construction of high-class highway, railway, airport, harbors, dams, industrial ground and farmland.
With a front-mounted dozer blade, this equipment can push solid forward. It can make the construction site to be a level surface. And it is widely used for road construction, water and electricity engineering, farmland leveling, port building, mining and other construction conditions. We can offer all kind of bulldozer from 80HP to 420HP with powerful engine of dual pump and dual circuit high pressure that is variable for your choose.
The crawler excavator we offer can excavate, load or unload, and level off soils or sandstone. It is widely used in the construction of roads, airports, mines, water conservancy, electric power, and urban engineering projects.

Shanghai Longji Construction Machinery Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of earthmoving machine in China. We supply all kind of construction equipment and engineering equipments like wheel loader, road rollers, crawler excavator, semi-trailer truck, water truck (water carts), dump truck, concrete mixer plants, truck cranes, crawler crane, pavers and other products. As a one-stop service supplier, Shanghai Longji is committed to offering high quality, reliable products and service on time, on delivery and on budget, so that to keep your project running smoothly and on schedule. As the matter those advantages, our products are widely exported to Russia, Brazil, Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Kenya, and Tanzania and gain high reputation among our customers. We offer OEM service upon request. If you need, please don’t hesitate to contacts us.