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Crawler Crane

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Description of Crawler Crane:
The crawler crane is a type of machine used for lifting heavy good. It is equipped with a hoist or winder (also called a wire rope drum), wire ropes or chains and sheaves, and crawlers. It can be used to lift and lower and move things horizontally. This machine is quite suitable to lift and install equipment in the construction site, mine, factory and dockside works. The mechanical grab can be used for earth moving and stacking work.
At present we can supply crawler crane with the capacity of 50t, boom length: 13m~52m, jib length: 9.15m~15.25m. And the hydraulic drive, full swing, lattice boom, especially the pilot proportional control which is the first one in China , can ensure you a crawler crane of stable in travel, and reasonable in structure.
Type of XCMG Crawler Crane:
QUY 55, QUY 75, QUY 80, QUY 80E, QUY 100, QUY 150, QUY 250, QUY 280, QUY 350, QUY 400, QUY 450, QUY 500W, QUY 650, QUY 700, XGC 130, XGC 150, XGC 180, XGC 500, XGC 800, XGC 15000, XGC 28000

Specifications of QUY 55 XCMG Crawler Crane

Item   Unit  Parameter
Max. rated lifting capacity Basic boom t 55
Fixed jib t 5
Max load moment KN.m 1994
Boom length m 13~52
Boom luffing angle ° -3~80
Fixed jib length m 9.15~15.25
Max. single line speed for hoist mechanism (no load, at 5th layer ) m/min 121
Max. single line speed for boom luffing mechanism(at 1st layer) m/min 52
Max. swing speed r/min 1.5
Max. travel speed km/h 1.35
Gradeability % 40
Average ground pressure MPa 0.069
Engine power kW 125/158
Overall weight(main lifting hook,13m boom) t 48.5
Max. single unit weight for transportation t 31
Max. single unit dimensions for transportation(L×W×H) m 11.5×3.47×3.4

Shanghai Longji Construction Machinery Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of crawler crane in China. We supply all kind of construction and engineering equipments like wheel loader, road rollers, crawler excavator, semi-trailer truck, water truck, dump truck, concrete mixer plants, truck cranes, crawler crane, pavers and other products. As a One-Stop service supplier, Shanghai Longji is committed to offering high quality, reliable products and service on time, on delivery and on budget, so that to keep your project running smoothly and on schedule. We assemble our quality components according to the ISO quality management system, and all our products are all manufactured in strict accordance with ISO14001 environmental management standard. As the matter those advantages, our products are widely exported to Russia, Brazil, Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Kenya, and Tanzania and gain high reputation among our customers. We offer OEM service upon request. If you need crawler crane, PLS don't hesitate to contacts us.

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