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Asphalt Distributor


Our asphalt distributor is typical kind of road construction machinery. We also provide automatic asphalt distributors and rubber asphalt distributors as well as common distributors.
The asphalt distributor can transport asphalt or spray asphalt binder on the ground. It is extensively used in the construction of highways, urban roads, airports, and ports. It can be applied to seal coat, prime coat, waterproof layer, bonding layer of different grades of highway pavement, as well as transport liquid asphalt or other heavy oil.
Our rubber asphalt distributor can be used to spray rubber asphalt, emulsified asphalt, cutback asphalt, heated asphalt, heavy-traffic paving asphalt, high viscosity modified asphalt, and more. Our intelligentized asphalt distributor is suitable for asphalt pavement construction for improving construction efficiency. It is widely used in high-classified highway construction, and it is also applied in other bituminous pavement construction. It is composed of truck chassis, asphalt tank, heat conducting oil, asphalt pumping and spraying system, hydraulic system, electric auto-controlling system, cleaning system, etc. Engineered by computer to deliver accurate, uniform, economical and convenient applications, and total vehicle performance achieve the international advanced standard.
Main Feature:
Each nozzle separately controlled for regulating spray width randomly;
PLC regulating spray volume automatically;
Imported heat-resistance seal elements;
Burner hood of optimization design preventing damages by asphalt eruption through manhole;
High-viscosity asphalt pump;
Warning signs and lighting installation for working at night;
Gravity emptying device.
XCMG Asphalt Distributor:
XZJ5110GL, XZJ5160GL, XZJ5250GL
Typical one:

Specification of XZJ5110GL XCMG Asphalt Distributor

  Unit XZJ5110GLQ
Spraying  mm 200-6000
Asphalt spraying dosage kg/m2 0.2~3.0
Asphalt tank capacity L 5000 weight t 11
Spraying precision   ±1.5%
Chassis Model   EQ1110TJ12D5
Engine power  kw 100
Site transfer speed km/h ≥80
Spraying medium   Emulsified asphalt, hot (modified) asphalt, Kerosene cutback asphalt
Heating   Diesel burner
Fuel tank L 100
Electrical system V 24
Dimension   7445×2285×2550

Shanghai Longji Construction Machinery Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of asphalt distributor in China. We supply all kind of construction and engineering equipments like wheel loader, road rollers, crawler excavator, semi-trailer truck, water truck (water carts), dump truck, concrete mixer plants, truck cranes, crawler crane, pavers and other products. As a one-stop service supplier, Shanghai Longji is committed to offering high quality, reliable products and service on time, on delivery and on budget, so that to keep your project running smoothly and on schedule. As the matter those advantages, our products are widely exported to Russia, Brazil, Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Kenya, and Tanzania and gain high reputation among our customers. We offer OEM service upon request. If you need asphalt distributor, PLS don't hesitate to contacts us.

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