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Concrete mixer truck is a type of engineering vehicle which is mainly used for mixing and transporting concrete from factory to construction site. The pressured-air water supplying system is the competitive factor for you to choose to buy it from our company. Our concrete mixer truck adopts international brand air pressuring system units, coupled with the reliable and safe water tank and super volume, this system has the features of high pressure, big flowing-volume. It is in advanced design integrating the great advantages of mixers both home and abroad. The mixing drum has three sections shaped like a pear. Each section adopts high quality 16Mn steel plate with different thickness depending on the moving pattern required concrete inside the mixing drum, which can achieve long-life service and synchronous wearing of the mixing drum body and blades. For those textures, we export our concrete mixer truck with bin capacity from 8m3 to 14m3, both Steyr engine and Cummins engine from 290HP to 375HP are available subject to the preference.
Mixing volumes of concrete mixers can be divided into 6m3, 8m3, 9m3, 10m3, 12m3, 14m3 and 16m3. These mixers can be matched with any special domestic and abroad chassis according to customers’ choices.

Features and Advantages of the Concrete Mixer Truck
1.High quality necessary hydraulic accessories such like oil tank, filter, radiator, and rubber hose connector ensure a long service life of the hydraulic system.
2.All the quick-wear parts in the concrete mixer truck like feed hopper and discharge chute which have much contact with concrete are armored with abrasion-proof steel plates. These protections ensure the product a rather long lifespan.
3.Many mixing arms are designed in the mixing drum. Square and round holes are scientifically arranged in mixing blades. This design has realized three-dimensional concrete mixing in the drum. Remainder of concrete is close to zero after discharge and concrete segregation is greatly avoided.
4.The moveable chute can be fixed in four different positions for discharge operations in different directions
5.Shot blasting and baking finish techniques are adopted in manufacturing the upper part of the concrete mixer truck.
6.This concrete mixer truck features stable and reliable sewing, rapid discharge, low residual rate, easy operations and long lifespan.
7.This concrete truck mixer has an elegant and pleasing design.

Models of XCMG Concrete Mixing Truck
G06ZZ, G08ZZ, G08ZZR, G09NX, G09SX, G09ZZ, G09ZZAL, G10NX, G10NX1, G10SX, G10ZZ, G12CA, G12DF, G12NX, G12SQL, G12SX, G12ZZ, G12ZZL, G14SQ, G14ZZ, G14ZZM, G15SX, G15ZZ, G16NX, G16SX, G16ZZ, GD08F8, GD10FD

Specifications of G06ZZ XCMG Concrete Mixing Truck

Type Model Unit G06ZZ
Performance of mixing drum Geometric volume 11.7
Mixing volume 6
Maximum diameter of drum body mm 2250
Length of mixing drum mm 4217
Angle of inclination  ° 13.5
Rotating speed r/min 0~14
Charge speed m³/min ≥3
Discharge speed m³/min ≥2
Residue ratio of discharge % <0.7
Range of slump cm 5~21
Hydraulic system Oil pump   international brand
Motor   international brand
Reduction gears   international brand
Hydraulic circuit   Closed type 
Water supply water tank capacity  L 450
Way of water supply   Pneumatic
Complete machine Brand of chassis   Sinotruck
Chassis model   HOWO ZZ1257N3247C
Type of driving   Left-hand drive
Curb weight kg  
maximum gross weight kg 25000
Type of drive   6×4
Wheel base mm 3225+1350
Tyre   12.00R20
Means of power takeoff   Power takeoff by flywheel
Notice model    
External dimensions (length××)mm  
Engine Model   WD615.95E
Rated power Kw/r/min 247
Displacement L 9.726
Emission standard   GB III

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